Public Finance

Statistics on Government activities in the Economy are analysed and published in Kenya in accordance with the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) framework, which is consistent with international best practices. The GFS system accounts for government economic activity and feeds into the measurement of the national economy (gross domestic product). GFS framework is a quantitative tool that supports fiscal analysis and is closely linked with other macroeconomic statistics. The current GFS framework is guided by the Government Finance Statistics Manual 2001.

The administrative structures of the Government and the requirements of Public Finance Management controls also determine the analysis and presentation of Government Finance Statistics. GFS framework covers the entire public sector. In Kenya, the scope of coverage is currently limited to the budgetary central Government but efforts are underway to expand the coverage to General Government sector. Fiscal statistics are presented in Economic and functional classification (COFOG) as prescribed by the GFSM manual 2001/14. In addition, debt statistics are published in accordance with recommendations of the debt statistics manual.