Consumer Price Index is defined as a measure of the weighted aggregate change in retail prices paid by consumers for a given basket of goods and services. Price changes are measured by re-pricing the same basket of goods and services at regular intervals, and comparing aggregate costs with the costs of the same basket in a selected base period Price data for constructing the indices are collected by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics through a survey of retail prices for consumption goods and services. The percentage change of the CPI over a one-year period is what is usually referred to as inflation.

The monthly Leading Economic Indicators Publication highlight trends in Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, international trade, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, building and construction, tourism and transport.

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is a corporate body established under the Statistics Act (2006). It is the principal Government agency responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis, publication and dissemination of official statistical information and its custody. It also oversees the coordination, supervision and development of programmes within the National Statistical System.

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced individuals with excellent credentials to fill the following position-

KNBS collects data from the following sectors; Agriculture, Building, Construction and Housing, Education, Energy, National Accounts, Public Finance, Labour & Employment, Industry, International Trade & Balance of Payment, Tourism and Population & Demography.In each sector, a summary is presented for each sub-sector in a tabular format, while more tables are available on request.


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