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Vision Statement:

To be a centre of excellence in production and management of quality statistics

Mission Statement:

To develop, provide and promote quality statistical information for evidence-based decision making.

Core Values


Strictly abides by professional considerations on the methods, standards and procedures for statistical production.


Guarantee confidentiality of data providers as provided in the Statistics Act 2006


Collaborate with stakeholders so as to enhance the quality of statistical information


To embrace teamwork as the hallmark of our success

Customer focus:

Commitment to meet the needs of our customers and always focus on customer satisfaction.

Accountability and Transparency:

Conduct business and lend services to stakeholders in a transparent and accountable manner.

Efficiency and effectiveness:

Promote high productivity, competence and usefulness of resources at the national and county level.

Innovation and Creativity:

Committed to innovation, invention, creativity and resourcefulness in service delivery.